1 x Nuts & 1 x Oops

Wednesday, August 9 2006

Nuts: Harrods started today, 9 Aug 2006, their Christmas decoration. Nuts, absolutly nuts – it is 138 days (or 4 months, 16 days) to Xmas. Santa and Zebra (wot ?????) was there.

I thought that this could be a blog post and started to read different articals.

Oops: I really wanted a pic for this blog post. I found one that was ok but I got a ‘nice’ surprise when I right clicked on the pic. To find out what … click here & right hand click on the pic.


Tuesday, August 8 2006


Sony launches mylo … the next version of my beloved PSP.

This is more aimed for what I use my PSP for. Most days at lunch, I eat at my desk and watch bittorrent on my PSP. Of any gadget I have ever had, I have never use anyone as much as I use my PSP.

PSP has a low end browser whereas mylo looks like it has improved lots and lots.

For more info and many more comments – click here.

A thx is due to BF for helping me resize this pic in Photoshop … it went smoothly 😉

IT restrictions @ work

Tuesday, August 8 2006

I guess I should be use to this by now … but I am not. Forget access to gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail or any other web based email. Sometimes Dustin’s blogs get blocked for porn content, which is kind of funny. Sometimes, Google News gets blocked. I used to be able to read my private emails (the client was so unreliable that I could not reply). Now even this ‘luxury’ has been blocked.

Since we are planning to move, we are shifting some stuff on eBay. Personally, I can’t stand that bloody site. But BF has an account and two auctions finished around lunch time. Typed in the address and now that site is blocked two, my reaction: LOL
Golden & fav girl in our office spends most of her time on eBay and if she can’t access this site, hell I can live with that *hehe*

According to company grapevine, they are now monitoring the internet usage. This must be true cos any IT query is being totally ignored.

The guys in IT have, of course, full access to the internet and IM access. The rest of us are on the restricted proxy server. I work for a company who favors a two tier structure in more then one way.

This is why BBC is good

Sunday, August 6 2006

I do hope these clips from the US networks were just the odd thing and that the standard of US news reporting is much better then shown @ Daily Show.


Sunday, August 6 2006

Britney dearest … huh?

Dearest Bank of England,

Friday, August 4 2006

Thank you NOT for increasing the interest rate.

You state the reason is

CPI (me: Consumer Price Index) inflation picked up to 2.5% in June, and is expected to remain above the 2.0% target for some while. Higher energy prices have led to greater inflationary pressures, notwithstanding muted earnings growth and a squeeze on profit margins.

I, as a consumer, am getting screwed over here a few times.

1. As the energy prices have gone up, that means that my electricity bills have jumped up considerably. The company profit margins have not taken the full hit, I have. Less money in my bank account!

2. By increasing the interest rate for the above reason, now my mortgage has increased by 0.25% so I am taken the hit again. Less money in my bank account!!

3. So why are the energy prices going up? Because the UK government is an associate to bomb missions on oil rich countries. The more unstable a market is, the higher premium is being charged on the supply. It is the UK (and US) government that are causing the inflationary pressure that I have to pay for.

4. This inflationary pressure does not come from pay increases. My salary has not increased by the 2,5 % + the increase in utility bills. Dearest BoE, you are tightening up an economy that already had to tighten up because of the electricity and water bills have gone up. The increases has been significant.

The utility companies are, as we all know, extremely good of putting the prices up but not even remotely decent of lowering the prices when the market prices are going down.

Another of your reasons

rapid growth of broad money and credit

People that fund their spending through credit cards actually don’t give a fuck if their interest rate has gone from 19,50% to 19,75%. If they did, they would not get this kind of credit card. This group of consumers are completely indifferent to any 0.25% increases from you.

As for the mortgage holder, we have a security towards our credit and not the consumers that you have to put additional pressure on. This group of consumers are very sensitive to any increases.

To get control over these inflationary pressures, dearest BoE, you need to put pressure on the government not to go and bomb any county at their leisure and demand the government to promote stability in the Middle East.

People’s reactions

Friday, August 4 2006

I got a tad bit (=understatement) annoyed today. I am featuring on the company grapevine cos I am getting married later this month.

This girl, who has been an ‘opponent’ to me with the new HR duties malarkey, asked the Q just confirm the fact. I said ‘yes’, and then she asked me “have you had your hen night?” I said no cos that stuff bores me. The look I got from her *tsk* … oh no I am not doing what every-fucking-else are doing.

Next question was have I got my dress ready and I answered back ‘It is not going to be a white dress thingy, I’ll find something this Saturday’. Her reaction was the previous look x 1,000.

I felt like saying “Look love, you do it your way, I do it my way”

In general with people’s reaction, I can only draw the conclusion that I am the odd one out. Some of the responses have actually pissed me off. I have had to reason with myself that they are the normal ones and I am not the normal one.

Interesting data of world progress

Tuesday, August 1 2006

TED is a conference where you get invited to go and get charge like $4,000 for the pleasure. This implies good quality of the participants.

Some of the speeches have been made public and this is a REAL interesting one. It is about how the world has progressed and, at least for me, dispelled some preconceptions.

Prof. Rosling presents some interesting facts (after a short ad) click here.

Prof Rosling’s blog

and his involvement in Gapminder


Tuesday, August 1 2006

I have not said anything about our plans to move to SF. It is easy to keep this stance to my bosses but more difficult when it is to my friend at work. I decided I will not tell her but I will not lie if she asked me.

Today she asked me.

How on earth she managed to work that one out, I do not know! I did not see that question coming .. at all. Afterwards she said my face was a picture. LOL 🙂
I asked her if I had said anything but I hadn’t. She worked it out with a gut feeling.

If we move, I will miss her and I hope that she will find a better job. The moral is getting lower each day.