Big Brother finale tonight

Friday, August 18 2006

Can you believe it was only 92 days since BB started? Yeah, me neither!

BUT it doesn’t look like Nikki will win 🙁 She is by far the most funny & entertaining one in the house.

There is this slight problem, I am too cheapskate-y to call in and vote. Min of 50 pence per vote …. Ich kein think so!!

This is the order I’d like to see:

Winner: Nikki  *yay*

2nd: Aisleyne

3rd: Richard

4th: Pete

5th: Jennie

6th: Glyn

Not reliable

Friday, August 18 2006

Google’s pisaca web, their answer to Flickr, is not reliable. After a while the pics will not show on the post. I have tested it twice and the same thing happened. Not happy and until further notice, links for pics will be from Flickr.

Quote of the day:

Wednesday, August 16 2006

“They stole most of our backups as well,”

Talking about the Swedish Police doing their raid on Pirate Bay. I like their spirits … the police stealing when doing the raid (under warrant).

Another chuckles is

Do have a read of Wired’s article, it a lot of good stuff in it.

Sorry but this IS funny

Wednesday, August 16 2006

mylo, *drooling* part 2

Wednesday, August 16 2006

Testing: MS Windows Live Writer

Tuesday, August 15 2006

Hello (blog)world – a good tool from MS (!!) has arrived to the blogworld.

I am sure that most of you try to ignore my moaning (blogging?) about picture sizes in WP templates.

I am currently trying the MS Windows Live Writer, which is a tool that downloads your template, let me insert pictures (and more) AND I CAN RESIZE THE PIC TO IT FITS THE BOADERS OF MY TEMPLATE.

Lets just pause for a sec or two … how much moaning will now stop because of this? This is why my BF ..eeee NO L … it is now MH (iiick) really really insisted that I should try tonight. He’s happy LOL.

Compare this pic done WLW to a previous blog post – China, India etc ???

 Damn good!

The resizing can either been done with pull&drag the borders or go to image tab and enter the specific height or width and the tool will calc the new proportions.

The only thing so far that didn’t work that well was the spell check.

To download the Windows Live Writer – click here.


Monday, August 14 2006

Gosh – did I talk lots at work today or what? Everyone who asked got a short story how the day went.

I am actually quite touched that colleagues care enough to ask me how the day went. And if my family had made it in time, which they did with like 5 minutes to spare. Some of the girls just like weddings for the sake of it and was happy to chat about it.

I came prepared though, I had my USB memory stick with about 8 pics to show to people. AND I wore my ring. I forgot to wear it over the weekend though.

Meaty meal

Sunday, August 13 2006

If you like your fillet steak etc, this is the place to go:

Santa Marie del Buen Ayre

The place is fantastic, causal atmosphere and friendly staff. You have to book in advance to get a table. It is located in East London.

The quality of the meat is the best ever, seriously. I have to this restaurant a few times and never walked away disappointed.

I did this today

Friday, August 11 2006


Big day today

Friday, August 11 2006

It is a big day today for me.

My family was schedule to arrive yesterday but they got caught up with the drama of yesterday. Today, planes are landing & taking off and they are on their way.

I am glad that they will be here.

Let the rest of the day be fun and go smoothly 🙂