Thursday, August 31 2006

The actual meeting was a non-event and my manager was cool. It was more the bloody wait until I could hand in the letter that was the pain.

My manager was in late this morning, something about fatalities further down the track, so I sent him an email just after 9 asking for a private meeting.

He replied at noon suggesting to have it at 14.

He actually looked dumbfounded when I told him this is my resignation letter. He bought some time by reading it twice. I kept quiet so in the end he asked “What brought this on?”

I told him that we were planning to move to the US. I also said that basically it felt uncertain to work here so nothing held me back. He knew what I was talking about.

There more odd part was to tell my co-workers; my friend who already knew -read this post- and Golden girl. My friend laid it in big time and did the whole guilt thing and also manage to pop in “Who is going to get my PSP/bittorrents now?”. My manager looked almost chocked by her comments. It was funny. Golden girl was good & thought it was a good opportunity.

Well, at least it is in the open. I can now start to sort out details and ‘to do things’ at work. No more cryptic phone calls etc. 

Selfishly, I hope that they will not find a replacement before I leave, if that is their plan … the Finance Director is on holiday, so I can get on with my stuff.

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  1. mark reed Says:

    p.s. i’m adding you the my blog list.

    US Embassy is a weird place – it’s like actually being inside the US.