Visa in passport received: checked

Tuesday, August 29 2006

My passport with my US Visa arrived today. It is black & white now 🙂 well colour actually. It feels more real now, the man @ Embassy did what he said he would.

I am handing in my resignation letter tomorrow 😉 Draft letter done. Mainly I feel like FINALLY but also a bit “shit, I have to tell my manager”. It will be in the next blog post.

We were out tonight and on our way home on the tube, we saw a man fall down the escalator (going up). We were going down when this happened. The man fell again and he had a wheely suitcase which was trying to balance again.

When he stood up, he was bleeding and was still wobbling. I ran down the escalator, ran up his escalator (the escalator at long at this station), MH stopped the escalator and I walked up with the man. He kept on saying that he was fine and didn’t need any help. At first, I was about to help him with his suitcase but it was blood on it and I was actually scared to touch it. 

When we came closer up the end of the escalator, I walk up ahead to talk to LU worker. He got concerned when I said the man had fell and was bleeding.

The man took out a handkerchief and then realised that he was bleeding. He denied any help or ambulance but accepted the offer to go into their toilettes to clean up. I told him that maybe after he calm down and starts to feel where it hurts, then it would probably be a good precaution. I think he hit his head on the escalator and his balance was almost non-existence. The man was not a drunk but he did look like tourist.

When I walked down the escalator, I keep on checking my hands to see if I had any of his blood on me. They were clean.

4 Responses to “Visa in passport received: checked”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    YES YES YES and YES! Congrats! I’m excited for you. When will you leave and when will you arrive and … well, tell us more! 😀

  2. Lizze Says:

    Thanks 🙂
    It is still sinking in but I am getting into the mode: “let gets on with things”. I recon we will move out mid October. We will go out in Sept to get a flat etc.

  3. Slim Says:

    Congrats Liz! Lol, its time you started speaking “American” instead of Queens English 😛

  4. Lizze Says:

    Hehe 🙂 Queens English? Nah mate, I’ll continue to speak my own English 😉