Michael finished 3rd, after Alonso. I was up screaming at the TV but it didn’t help. I was angry as a bee.

The TV production was shit, absolutely shit and to my amassment, it was produced by Bernie’s team. Fucking loser who managed to miss anyone’s, not just Michael’s, quickest lap. They were obsessed by the any midfield battles. Massa, who was leading most of the race, got completely ignored.

ITV, the fuckwits, manage to put in ads every single time something interesting would happened.

Michael is 12 points after Alonso – he fucked up his quali and this is what happened. Not good at all.

One problem with the US is that F1 is not on their radar but apparently there is a TV channel called Speed that shows F1. There is also bar in SF that shows F1 so I guess I will be around there every second weekend.

2 Responses to “F1 Turkey – an entertaining disappointment”

  1. John Pynchon Says:

    I was never a massive F1 fan, but I have never watched it since it moved to ITV. I mean, what’s the point?

  2. Slim Says:

    … And I thought bad programming was prevalent only in our country 😛