Visa interview … Successful

Thursday, August 24 2006

I have not written anything about our visa process for many reason. But I feel I can do that today.

We have been to the US Embassy in London to submit our visa application. It was so nerve-wracking, mainly because the unknown. The decision has such a major impact and is ultimate beyond our control. Sure, we did all the prep we could, we had a US attorney (and/or lawyer … not sure about the difference) who helped with our application.

He played down our chances and the visa we applied is not that common for an Embassy to deal with. We did feel that the process has a certain amount of arbitrary elements in it. Logically, I can understand cos is not a right, is it an application. But ‘illogical’, I so want to try & do this move to SF.

The process is designed to be off putting. But if you want something bad enough then that is what you have to deal with. We are the ones who wants to go the US and therefore we have to follow their rules and accept the system.

There is a long wait before entering the Embassy and the only amusement around is the people who think that they don’t have to queue. But credit to the Americans, we were all got treated equally 😉 I even saw a ‘celebrity’ Paul Burell (Princess Diana’s butler) in the queue.

Everything is well organised and efficient from the queuing system to the processing inside of the embassy.

The interview was surprisingly short and I had the feeling the 99% decision had already been taken before we started the interview. The interviewer asked a few control question, ie he already knew the answer to it and was more observing us answering rather then the actual answer.

So, we are one huge step closer to move to SF. My guess is that the move will be mid October. And I will resign from my work *yippeeee* after I receive my passport back with the right stuff in it.

8 Responses to “Visa interview … Successful”

  1. Sam Says:

    Awesome !

    Are you going to start speaking american to help with the adjustment ? =p

  2. Lizze Says:


    Noooo – I am holding on to my individual English thx v much 🙂

  3. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    Great that you’re gonna get your Visa 😀

    here sometimes it gets hellish and takes a huge time to get one … 😛

  4. capricorncringe Says:

    Wouldn’t it be “easier” to move to Canada and sneak across into Wisconsin? lol

    Congrats on your impending move.

    The main difference between attorneys and lawyers is that attorneys work for large firms and make truck loads of money. Lawyers set up shop by themselves and chase ambulances to make a living. 🙂

    Attorneys/lawyers are like Preparation H hemorrhoid cream … a little disgusting, but handy to have at times 🙂

  5. Slim Says:

    Hey cool! There are a lot of fun things to do in California!

    And by the way lol, it’ll be a lot easier to sneak in through Mexico 😛

  6. Lizze Says:

    It has not been easy with this process and it has taken its time. First time around the embassy didn’t know about this visa so it took some talking to the US State dept etc and quoting the their own rules to Embassy before we could get an interview.

    It is kind of a legal mix of Canada & Mexico thing that were are doing actually!

    capricorncringe – y’know what I said about the impression I have about US cops. Honey – I have meet the Customs/Immigration people and their wibes are “Do not even think about fucking with us” totally scary. I am doing legit stuff only in this area (self-preservation) 🙂

  7. capricorncringe Says:

    Yeah, but Border Patrol and INS aren’t really cops … lol. Besides, you only have to worry about them if you get caught. And if you get caught, I’ll swear we are twins who were separated at birth. 😀

  8. Lizze Says:

    Excellent!! Good to know.
    I’ll say: Kansas City girl capricorncringe is my twin and I know TFC too 🙂