Go and see this movie – it is super good. This film is gonna to produce loads of famous one-liners. There was many chuckles, laughers and screams (=me) when watching this film.

I was so hyped after the film. It was like the entire audience let go and was enjoying full on. 

Update: I have edit the Title after hearing a sound clip, can’t trust what people write on the imdb review *tsk*
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10 Responses to ““I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane"”

  1. mark reed Says:

    I want these motherfuckin’ snakes off this motherfuckin’ plane right motherfuckin’ now!

    hey, shall I link to you?

  2. John Pynchon Says:

    Thanks for the comment! I don’t know how you can say we have different tastes in films. You’d be surprised at some of the stuff I like.

    Not seen “Snakes On A Plane” yet, but I will. I thought that the screenings would be a tad busy last weekend.

  3. Lizze Says:

    mark – LOL YEAH!! I like your add on. Linking is cool, only if I can do that same 🙂

    John – a good audience helps (or unhelps) a film. Sorry, I was still in “junk mail hate mode” when I read your post. But the films that you were mentioning, they are not ones that I thought were good (The Village is the exception). I skipped the comments about A Scanner Darkly since I have not yet seen the film.

  4. Slim Says:

    I’ll watch this motherfuckin’ movie motherfuckin’ soon. Like probably this motherfuckin’ week lol.

  5. Qwerty Maniac Says:


    Motherfeckin snakes on your page :O

  6. Slim Says:

    I think you forgot to close the italics tag with a after “what people write on the imdb review *tsk*”… which is causing the posts below it on the main page to be italicized too. Just noticed it and thought I’d inform you 😛

  7. Slim Says:

    Oops… it blocked the spaced out tag too… let me rephrase the sentence :p “I think you forgot to close the italics tag with a [ / i ]”… replace [ ] with appropriate HTML opening and closing tag 😛

  8. Lizze Says:

    slim – you are star …. everything is italic … cheers …. I’ll goona try to get the end bit in … well spotted 😉 🙂

  9. Lizze Says:

    qwerty – damn cool! I’d like that one a lot, thx

  10. Slim Says:

    No problem-o, was looking around your blog and found it lol. It’s fixed now 😀