Not reliable

Friday, August 18 2006

Google’s pisaca web, their answer to Flickr, is not reliable. After a while the pics will not show on the post. I have tested it twice and the same thing happened. Not happy and until further notice, links for pics will be from Flickr.

3 Responses to “Not reliable”

  1. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    Havent used it really but what does their FAQ/Support team have to say about this? Flickr is great and so is Zoomr but both’s loading times are slow… atleast for me 😛

  2. desmond Says:

    Flicker doesn’t runs fine in the earlier versions of the windows like ME. I’ve noticed it from my ME, XP1 and XP2 operating system. Pisaca on the other hand runs fine even in 98, I beleive but the loading times can really ruin your day. But since 98 and ME is on the verge of extinction and pisaca doesn’t look as creative as the flickr, flickr is ve hard o topple on top at the moment. Another thing, blogspot don’t jive well with flickr.

  3. Lizze Says:

    yeah – u see qwerty … reading FAQ, manuals is not quite my first thing I do. In theory it is the right thing to do. My first thing is to conclude it is not right and blog about it 😉

    but since u mention such a good point, I’ll read the FAQs

    desmond – I used the WP ‘link image’ function to picasa and the pics shows when it is latest post but the pics will not show later on.