Big Brother finale tonight

Friday, August 18 2006

Can you believe it was only 92 days since BB started? Yeah, me neither!

BUT it doesn’t look like Nikki will win 🙁 She is by far the most funny & entertaining one in the house.

There is this slight problem, I am too cheapskate-y to call in and vote. Min of 50 pence per vote …. Ich kein think so!!

This is the order I’d like to see:

Winner: Nikki  *yay*

2nd: Aisleyne

3rd: Richard

4th: Pete

5th: Jennie

6th: Glyn

3 Responses to “Big Brother finale tonight”

  1. capricorncringe Says:

    I watched the first season (US version) and I was fascinated with it. I joined message boards about it, I watched ‘behind the scenes’ stuff on the internet – I couldn’t get enough. I tried to watch the second season, but it just wasn’t the same.

    For me, there is not enough cash in the world to make me live with 12 strangers, with no outside contact with the world, with cameras whirring 24/7, for up to 90 days. I couldn’t do it. Could you? Would you?

  2. Lizze Says:

    Oh boy – was I wrong. It finished like this:
    1. Pete
    2. Glyn
    3. Aisleyne
    4. Richard
    5. Nikki
    6. Jennie

    I think BB is different in each country. The US version is more scheming and back stabbing. In UK it is mainly nutters with attention seeking disorder. This year was hilarious.

    I could and would never do BB (am not a nutter … ok). I am not so good with people or no privacy and the bitching and the dirtiness of the people living there. Nor do I want to be famous, I’d like to be rich though 😉

  3. capricorncringe Says:

    The US is full of scheming, back-stabbing, attention-seeking nutters (I love that word). We’ll do just about anything for money and/or fame. It’s scary, in an amusing kind of way.