Testing: MS Windows Live Writer

Tuesday, August 15 2006

Hello (blog)world – a good tool from MS (!!) has arrived to the blogworld.

I am sure that most of you try to ignore my moaning (blogging?) about picture sizes in WP templates.

I am currently trying the MS Windows Live Writer, which is a tool that downloads your template, let me insert pictures (and more) AND I CAN RESIZE THE PIC TO IT FITS THE BOADERS OF MY TEMPLATE.

Lets just pause for a sec or two … how much moaning will now stop because of this? This is why my BF ..eeee NO L … it is now MH (iiick) really really insisted that I should try tonight. He’s happy LOL.

Compare this pic done WLW to a previous blog post – China, India etc ???

 Damn good!

The resizing can either been done with pull&drag the borders or go to image tab and enter the specific height or width and the tool will calc the new proportions.

The only thing so far that didn’t work that well was the spell check.

To download the Windows Live Writer – click here.

3 Responses to “Testing: MS Windows Live Writer”

  1. Lizze Says:

    WOOOOOOOOW!! The publishing of the post worked perfectly!! I am v. impressed.

    This tool is going make it easier from bloggers to leave Google’s Blogger … bit of up your from MS to Google *hehe* It is very user friendly. MS must have bought the product, I can’t believe this is an in-house project. It is too good for that.

    Let me know if you will try it and what you think.

  2. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    Haha hard to go over the habit of using ‘BF’ now? 😛

    It is definitely good, I liked it too 🙂

    I hope the final product gets better (have no idea what more I need though…) and it’d be better if it were integrated into the office suites too, we get more productivity that way 😀

  3. Lizze Says:

    Yes, he has been my BY for much longer then MH. He has a blog too and wrote wife in it … that made me do funny sounds too.

    MS can only improve the WLW and lets hope for the best when it comes to the integration of their other products and non MS products.