Hot, hot, hot

Wednesday, July 19 2006

It is so nice outside. I like the heat wave & I am happy. Bring on some more, I’d say.

I don’t know why most people are complaining about the weather … it is nice and warm (35C / 95F) with a perfect wind with a low humidity (23%).
I’d better say it here then in the office, people looked at me as if I was crazy. It did get stuffy in the office but that is because of too many people in a small room and the AC is not very good in our room.

Some pics …

Israel, Lebanon etc

Monday, July 17 2006

Every action has an equal opposite reaction. (Newton’s third law: law of reciprocal actions). And it feels very true for the Middle East mess.

Religion again is involved in another bloody mess. Does anyone remember why this started?

Nobody is right and all of them are wrong wrong wrong wrong and trying to make two wrongs right … will it work? Of course not!!

The conclusion is that the warmongers of all sides are the winners and benefactors of this long lasting conflict. I would like to think that if the person on the street had the choice of peace and prosperity or live in the current climate … the peace option would win.

I don’t pick any side because I believe all of them are wrong.

It would have been nice to ignore them and just let them get on with it. BUT the way the Palestinians and maybe now the Lebanese are being treated gives the following ripple effect: Anger among the Arab world, US support of Israel, September 11

Israel has a right to exist without any threat from the Arab world or anyone else.

If I knew how to solve it, I would have been given the Nobel Peace Price … oh yeah it has already been handed out for this.

We need to learn from history. What needs to be done is what was done to Germany after the 2nd World War. Help building up the country that has been bombed, with money, infra structure, democracy and give them respect. This will minimise the grow ground for fundamentalists.

Basically, first spend the money to bomb the shit out a country and then spend the money to build it back up.

Here is a voice from Lebanon – 1 Too Many Peaches – Thx Johannes for the link.


Sunday, July 16 2006

Somebody tried to break into our flat this evening, between 19-21.

And we were home.

We did not notice it while it happened. We were watching a film Date Movie (funny and somewhat crude) and he/she/they must have heard something while they were trying.

There is a newly made mark on a door frame and whatever they used is v. v sharp.

Several “What if” scenarios and “why our flat?” are going through my mind. No answers will come out of it. What if they had entered the flat with that sharp object? What would I have done in that situation?

There is also an anger that somebody tried to violate our space & home. It is a primitive feeling. WTF gives them the notion that they can do this?

(My) answer is drugs. I hate drugs, and I have always wanted to ban all of it – no good deeds comes out it.


Sunday, July 16 2006

I am done 🙂 *yay* I am happy

1,5 loft wall are now painted.

The painting was not the hard bit … well it was kind of gross to see the sweet dripping down from my washing up gloves on to my arm BUT it is the prep that is the worst bit. BF and I have different takes on how to do things.

In the end, I did it all and his bit will be to to plug all the computers, decks etc back together.

AND another good thing is that Michael Schumacher won the French GP. I don’t care if it is a dull race as long as he wins.

To Do chores

Saturday, July 15 2006

We are getting started with the chores of our To Do list before moving.

Today, I will be painting the walls of the loft. That never got done when we worked on the flat just after we moved in – some years ago. Typical, now I am going to do it for the benefit of somebody else 🙂 but I do have the practical approach “It needs to get done before we get a tenant”

I just need to eat dinner first before I get started …. but saying that I could go and clear out the loft from all the misc stuff up there. I am going offline … bye 4 now 😛


Saturday, July 15 2006

This (Friday) TV evening SUCKS big time.
🙁 😯 😕 ❓

got voted out of the Big Brother house and steps out to the biggest cheers like ever. Funny to the very end, she was so stunned of the cheers so she just stood there and didn’t leave the House. Davina had come and get her, literally 😀

I am confused and miserable – Nikki was suppose to win this. She has made me laugh so many times.

The brilliant BBC’s Big Cat Week showed its final episode for this season tonight. The very cute cheetah cube Toto was not found after a major rain storm and are probably dead … that after escaping quite narrowly from lions & baboons.

I was walking down New Bond Street today and saw that Oxfam has a shop there. How on earth can a charity shop afford having a shop at New Bond Street? The rent and rates are astronomical in that part of Westminster. It is W1 for heavens sake!!

Shoppers shopping on New Bond Street are not very likely pop in to Oxfam to shop. It does not raise the profile of the charity to have a shop there, in fact it has the direct opposite effect.

I am cynically enough about most charities, sadly, and it does not help when I see stuff like this. I do not give anything to Oxfam so I do not feel rob by this sighting.

… just had a moan to BF about this and he, of course, took the opposite view …

He said that the shirts etc was sold for £60 etc and Oxfam would not be able to sell the upmarket items anywhere else for that price.

Me: *tsk* its a charity shop and shouldn’t sell items for that price. I live in area where there are poor people and I don’t see any of the big charities having any shops in this area. There is a Buddhist centre in the area that has a charity shop and their doorway is used as a exchange for 2nd hand items.

Problems are heading my way

Wednesday, July 12 2006

At work, they are getting rid of the board PA (a whim from the MD, the 59 year old PA don’t fit his vision) and she also does the everyday HR tasks with offer letters etc.

Guess who they are planning to pawn this task on to?

Yup, the Finance dept which equals that I will be dealing with it since I am doing the Payroll.

My answer: NO! I am NOT doing this.

I work in Finance and not in bloody HR. I have no intention of working in HR or broaden my skills to HR. HR stands for: Human Remains.

And what is that the company I work for … yeah that is right HR consulting, pension advice and Health & Risk insurance. We got a HR consulting dept – they are not liked and hugely incompetent and they won’t do it. Guess what, me neither. But if I am reading the wibes right, the Finance Director has already said that Finance is going to do it.

In the last year, the management has gotten rid of the HR manager, HR assistant and now the PA who dealt with this. I am not going cover up for their stupid mistakes.

I am going to being awkward and keep on saying NO. HR is not within my scope of job description nor is it in the path of normal career within Finance.

Subtitles please

Tuesday, July 11 2006

(the rest of the world would like to know what the fuck was said)

Eye catching

Monday, July 10 2006

These pics sums up what I wanted to do today. I am coming down with a cold & I stayed up to 2am, sooo…

Chilled cat 1

close up …


How chilled is this cat? I have never seen a cat sleep fully like this. This pic is from one of the three cat calanders I bought when I was in Tokyo. ( I have to go back and buy nexy years calander!!)

Update: Qwerty, don’t know why the pics disappeared but I am using Google’ beta version of Picasa Web Albums… or it is this template again that is playing up … again. I can see the pics on the preview but not the published version on the blog. I will try it through my Flickr account instead.