NO religion is worth this
NO land is worth this
NOne of the parties is in the right
NO winners – both the civilians of Lebanon and Israel are going to continue to hate each other.

This is wrong and the bombing will not solve anything. Hizbollah is today stronger then was it was 3 weeks ago as the country is uniting with the “defenders”.

Sit down and sort this out peacefully.
Hizbollah: Give up the two soldiers and stop firing rockets into Israel
Israel: Stop the bombing and you cannot control everything in the Middle East. Not every action you take can be classed as defense.
NO “yeah but”, stop this tit-for-tat- both has done wrong.

There are victims in Israel too and Israel should be allowed to live in peace.

6 Responses to “Created: another generation brought up in hate”

  1. Slim Says:

    Imagine how it would be if people listened to whatever we said… Oh well, atleast you tried lol.

  2. Lizze Says:

    Blogging is a direct tool for people to talk and say their opinons … hopefully it will help a bit to get a better understanding among people.

    But yeah, I tried 😉 and will keep on trying 😉

  3. Slim Says:

    True. Blogging is still in its early days (years, if you will). It could become a tool for drilling sense into people, spreading the good word etc. if used in the right way.

  4. desmond Says:

    History tells us that we wage war with other countries, for territorial gain and to build an empire. Now we are caught in a situation where we are fighting because of idealism. We can’t always trust our ideal because it breeds pride and conflict. Even though we knew we were in the wrong, we won’t accept to ourselves all because of pride.

    I always refuse to give my exact view point about idealism because i knew nothing what the heck idealism is all about.

    I rarely visit mohammed’s blog these days…I guess you know what I mean. There’s no more point arguing about.

  5. desmond Says:

    I forgot…think posititive 🙂

  6. lizze Says:

    desmond – you raise a very good point about pride. You are right and I had not thought about that side of things.

    I find it difficult to read M’s blog with the different colours and sizes. Also, the tone is harsher and his stance has definitely changed to less tolerant.