Sunday, July 23 2006

BF wanted to go to the British Motor Show and I was ok with it. I wouldn’t have gone but was quite happy to tag along.

It turned out to be really cool cos I GOT TO CHANGE A WHEEL ON A FERRARI F1 CAR *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY*
Y’know, use the air gun, unbolt the whatever, change tire and the bolt the whatever and the wheel was on the car – using the proper equipment. It was a Shell stand – thanks very much.

I took some pics but with my ongoing battle with Wordpess and pic size, I have now got a Flickr Pro account = kind of given up.

All good? … nope … I don’t like that I can’t arrange the pics my way. It shows the pics in chronological order and basically showing the latest pic first.

Here is my Flickr link.

2 Responses to “Cars!”

  1. Ipshita Says:

    i saw ur comment on my blog .. thanks a lot 🙂 hey hav u tried picasa for puttin up fotos … i dunno bout wordpress but it really helps on blogspot 🙂 hav a great day!!

  2. Lizze Says:

    I have tried picasa as well but it is only aimed at Blogger, both picasa and Blogger are owned by Google.

    I left Blogger cos it took forever to load pics and it was not reliable.

    Thx though!! 🙂

    Guess I am a bit fussy customer when it comes to pic sites 😉