Thursday, July 20 2006

Things are hotting-up at work … who is going to what when all do-ing PA is leaving / retiring / got booted.

I found out today from another co-worker, who wants to dump all the work onto Finance, that the Finance Director has said that “Finance own this project”. I know it turns into “he said she said scenario” but it looks like to me that he has made promises that he can’t keep.

My line manager is playing both side, I suspect. One foot with the management, not wanting to deal with any staff trouble and the other with us fuming that they are taking the piss.

I am adamant that I will not to HR work. I rather leave. Oh yeah … I am on my way anyway, work just do not know it yet. It feels very liberating to know that in a few months time (visa process seems to take forever) I will not be stuck in this office. It also gives me the courage to speak up much better (why on earth have I not done this before??).

Otherwise, today’s weather report, it is still hot & nice in London. More windy and slight less hot = perfect mondo 😀

2 Responses to “Hotting-up”

  1. desmond Says:

    When you finally moved to SF you may want to tell some of your co-workers about this post and see their reaction 🙂 Well, I think you are also one of those people who, for the sake of getting a living, forget to live.

    You are not the only one…

    WordPress looks cool to me. Better check it out.

    thanks 😀

  2. Lizze Says:

    Yes, my work is selling a bit of my soul and I am aware of it 🙁

    I hope & think the new start in SF will better and more freedom. Just need to get all the paperwork stuff sorted which is a lot & difficult.

    I am not going not show my blog to people @ work – they wont be happy at all if they know what I have been writing.

    WordPress is good the only issue I have is with putting pics on it.