China, India etc ???

Thursday, July 20 2006

Some very interesting & disturbing pictures has been noted on the Google Map Community.

This is in China:

After the zooming, “appears to be a 900x700m scale model of a mountainous landscape…”

So this is a trainground for Chinese military. After three days, GMC found where this area correspond to … in India

The question is … WHY?
Why build something in scale and to the detail? It is little more then just a training ground as China has a lot of rocky terrain.

Source The Register and thx BF.

5 Responses to “China, India etc ???”

  1. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    Thats bad… war training so rigorous? :[

    But what are those black spots really?

  2. lizze Says:

    My guess would be that the black spots are lakes.

  3. Slim Says:


  4. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    I thought that too, but the locations seem too odd dont they? I mean some dont merge well at all!

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