NO religion is worth this
NO land is worth this
NOne of the parties is in the right
NO winners – both the civilians of Lebanon and Israel are going to continue to hate each other.

This is wrong and the bombing will not solve anything. Hizbollah is today stronger then was it was 3 weeks ago as the country is uniting with the “defenders”.

Sit down and sort this out peacefully.
Hizbollah: Give up the two soldiers and stop firing rockets into Israel
Israel: Stop the bombing and you cannot control everything in the Middle East. Not every action you take can be classed as defense.
NO “yeah but”, stop this tit-for-tat- both has done wrong.

There are victims in Israel too and Israel should be allowed to live in peace.


Saturday, July 29 2006

Good little game … which I wasn’t very good at 🙂


Friday, July 28 2006

Part 1:

Part 2:
The clip didn’t work for me either today but it works on the site I found it on.
Here is the link:

Angry @ work

Wednesday, July 26 2006

I work with some scheming managers and today was the angriest I have ever been at work.

Yes yes the director was sneaky and showed me a flow chart (oh these damn buzz words) and with the streamlined (!!!) HR tasks that I should do. I said no and that it was not in my job description nor is it a finance thing to do offer & leaver’s letters. One of the comments was that I was not being helpful.

I can’t write too much about it cos I will get angry again. But at least I got angry, the golden girl in the office did a Cry-loudly-attack when she was told what she has to do.

The most likely result is that golden girl will not have to do the new tasks but the rest of us will. I am going to argue against as much as I can.

blah post

Wednesday, July 26 2006

I feel asleep when I came home from work (sooo nice) and now it is too late to do a proper (?) blog post.

Just answered some comments and checked out my fav blogs at the moment.

Good night!


Sunday, July 23 2006

BF wanted to go to the British Motor Show and I was ok with it. I wouldn’t have gone but was quite happy to tag along.

It turned out to be really cool cos I GOT TO CHANGE A WHEEL ON A FERRARI F1 CAR *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY*
Y’know, use the air gun, unbolt the whatever, change tire and the bolt the whatever and the wheel was on the car – using the proper equipment. It was a Shell stand – thanks very much.

I took some pics but with my ongoing battle with Wordpess and pic size, I have now got a Flickr Pro account = kind of given up.

All good? … nope … I don’t like that I can’t arrange the pics my way. It shows the pics in chronological order and basically showing the latest pic first.

Here is my Flickr link.

Question of the day:

Sunday, July 23 2006

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?!!!

Saturday, July 22 2006

The new no 1:

Thx Shazzle!!


Thursday, July 20 2006

Things are hotting-up at work … who is going to what when all do-ing PA is leaving / retiring / got booted.

I found out today from another co-worker, who wants to dump all the work onto Finance, that the Finance Director has said that “Finance own this project”. I know it turns into “he said she said scenario” but it looks like to me that he has made promises that he can’t keep.

My line manager is playing both side, I suspect. One foot with the management, not wanting to deal with any staff trouble and the other with us fuming that they are taking the piss.

I am adamant that I will not to HR work. I rather leave. Oh yeah … I am on my way anyway, work just do not know it yet. It feels very liberating to know that in a few months time (visa process seems to take forever) I will not be stuck in this office. It also gives me the courage to speak up much better (why on earth have I not done this before??).

Otherwise, today’s weather report, it is still hot & nice in London. More windy and slight less hot = perfect mondo 😀

China, India etc ???

Thursday, July 20 2006

Some very interesting & disturbing pictures has been noted on the Google Map Community.

This is in China:

After the zooming, “appears to be a 900x700m scale model of a mountainous landscape…”

So this is a trainground for Chinese military. After three days, GMC found where this area correspond to … in India

The question is … WHY?
Why build something in scale and to the detail? It is little more then just a training ground as China has a lot of rocky terrain.

Source The Register and thx BF.