What a summer party …

Thursday, June 8 2006

… I am missing. There was no Xmas party last December (and probably won’t be one this December either), our dear leader decided to have a summer party instead.

Since I am sitting here and writing this post, you are very right to assume that I am not going.


Well, the directors have managed to piss off about a 1/3 of the company. It is actually more fun to be at work rather then to attend this party.

Instead of having a normal party, there going to be ‘team building’ games before the BBQ. These games involve water, inflated plastic thingies and big hamster wheel. This information was not shared until after people had agreed to go. Me, I was suspicion enough due to the lack of information so I said no straight away.

Yesterday there were loads of emails from the directors with the new info, corrections and corrections of the first and second corrections – a spammar would have been envious of all these emails. All it did was to annoy even more people that were going. One option is to wait an extra 1,5 hour at work and then be able to join the 2 hour BBQ and then it is off to a normal bar.

I am happy to just go home at 17.00.00

Hello (Blog)World

Tuesday, June 6 2006

I am over here now and I am SO GLAD to see you here.

    Very WELCOME !!