CSS lesson

Sunday, June 18 2006

BF sat down with me and showed me what to do.

We disagree on two fundamental areas:

1. Font: I really like Courier New and he dislikes the mono-space fonts.

2. Pic: I want the Blogger style “fit your Blog skin and not have to click through to another page” whereas he is all for standard formats in case future changes etc.

I kept the Courier font and have to live with the “new but not improved” picture size.

The changes done my blog are
*the comments on old blog posts are now visible on the index page
*font size and colours for comments
*the headline and body text improvements

First he installed the Firefox Developer tool bar. Once that is done, hover with the mouse over the area that you want to change. At the Status bar you will see what section of the CSS this relates to. Click on the CSS, -> CSS Edit, find the corresponding area and do the changes (easier said then done!!).

When you are happy with the changes, copy all of it to a Notepad.

Go to the FTP program and take a copy of your current version of the template. Open the template, delete all text, copy in the new changes and then save. Then update the server. Then refresh the page to see the changes.

This post is so that I will remember this stuff for the next time I am not happy with this template. I don’t think this is a super-good template but I will stick with it for a bit longer so see how it works out.

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