Monday, June 12 2006

I am slow paced with blogging at the moment.

The reason?

Am reading a very good (girly) book and I have only got the last 200 pages to go.

The only thing that gets me away from the book is when Big Brother is on TV.

My dislike for mummy boy Glyn is never ending. His insular way with Wales only attitude is offensive. Basically if the person he is speaking to can’t relate to Wales then he can’t connect with them and he had a right moan “Oh no not another person for London“. I can’t respect an boy (cos he aren’t a man) who takes his washing home to mommy and proudly sits on BB and boat that he is learning “Lives skill” on the show *tsk*

And oh – damn repulsed with disproportioned boobs of Lea & Susie.

Still a great show though

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