Seen Piers Morgan lately?

Monday, June 26 2006


Ever wonder where he would end up? Well, he has followed the footstep of Simon Cowell and Peter Jones (American Inventor) and is now England’s latest export to the other side of the pond.

He is co-hosting the show “America’s got talent” with Brandy and David Hasselhoff. Simon Cowell is, of course, producing the show and it has its familiar format. But this show is for any talent not only dead boring singing stuff. It actually has tempo and is funny.

Here is the torrent for the show.

Dumb as fuck!

Thursday, June 22 2006

here or here (the blogger that picked up the comment.

“See, if I’m President, I got probably another
50-60 thousand with orders to shoot on sight
anybody violating curfews. Shoot them on sight.
That’s me… President O’Reilly… Curfew in
Ramadi, seven o’clock at night. You’re on the
street? You’re dead. I shoot you right between
the eyes. Ok? That’s how I run that country.
Just like Saddam ran it. Saddam didn’t have
explosions – he didn’t have bombers. Did he?”

With the curfew comment, he assumes ALL Iraqis are guilty of being insurgents and cant walk around in their own country as they want. Guilty to proven innocent…

I thought one of the points of this invasion was to liberate the Iraq from Saddam. Oh yeah, President O’Reilly wants to bring back the good old days of Saddam Hussein regime … for a few months. Yeah right, with a “tight” control over the oil resources, there will never be a free Iraq and then back to square one again. Too many people have died so it must end with a country that is free and can control its own resources.

His comments are so dumb in inifinate infinite number of ways. But in the States, you never know how will be the next President.

Not a very special day

Wednesday, June 21 2006

We all know that we should cherish each day and live for the moment. I can’t say that today was one of those days. I woke up tired, got slightly pissed off at work and I a bit paranoid that redundancies are going around and that my job might be affected.

I saw a pic of me taken yesterday and I need to loose some weight. I need to to go the gym regularly and that will sort it out. But gym is boring but I need to get on with it.

I came home – got the flat all by myself, BF is travelling again 🙂 – and I had a nice & quiet evening watching some bit torrent. Like Lost, I have finally got around t see the last two episodes.

Today was a ordinary day that took me one day closer to the weekend. Nothing special at all.

CSS lesson

Sunday, June 18 2006

BF sat down with me and showed me what to do.

We disagree on two fundamental areas:

1. Font: I really like Courier New and he dislikes the mono-space fonts.

2. Pic: I want the Blogger style “fit your Blog skin and not have to click through to another page” whereas he is all for standard formats in case future changes etc.

I kept the Courier font and have to live with the “new but not improved” picture size.

The changes done my blog are
*the comments on old blog posts are now visible on the index page
*font size and colours for comments
*the headline and body text improvements

First he installed the Firefox Developer tool bar. Once that is done, hover with the mouse over the area that you want to change. At the Status bar you will see what section of the CSS this relates to. Click on the CSS, -> CSS Edit, find the corresponding area and do the changes (easier said then done!!).

When you are happy with the changes, copy all of it to a Notepad.

Go to the FTP program and take a copy of your current version of the template. Open the template, delete all text, copy in the new changes and then save. Then update the server. Then refresh the page to see the changes.

This post is so that I will remember this stuff for the next time I am not happy with this template. I don’t think this is a super-good template but I will stick with it for a bit longer so see how it works out.

Ops – I didn’t mean to do that!! Sorry Qwerty, your comments went as well and they were helpful. The thumbnail option advice was good but I do think it is too small. Personally, I never click on blog pics to get a better view.

I would like to get the pics to fit the blog skin as they did back at Blogger. I signed up with Flickr and tried their options. The “small” well was too small (but bigger then a thumbnail) and the medium size was too big. I also signed up on Photobucket but that wasn’t right either. There is one better thing with WP compared to Blogger, it is much quicker to upload pics, much much quicker.

I like the colours on this theme but it is not very practical 🙁 . I think I will go hunting for something better then this

Anyway, here are the pics again

Picture 001

Picture 002

Picture 003

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 008

Funny stuff

Friday, June 16 2006

My co-worker has a PSP as well and she get the programs from me.

It is very quiet in the office and suddenly she says out loudly “The president is dying!”

A bit confused head twisting from me and another co-worker. My other co-worker says “Oh” is a positive tone. I clock the PSP and asks “Are you watching Commander in Chief?”

“Oh” say my other co-worker in a more disappointed tone. I thought you were talking about President Bush. Wishful thinking.


*roars of laughter*


Thursday, June 15 2006

The switch from Blogger to WordPress is still something that I am getting used to. There a few differences and with my vast amount of patience (NOT), I am dealing with that accordingly.

I saw something today on this theme … comments are only shown on the latest post and not on the olders posts. A big flaw in the design. Anyway, I have asked BF to re-do the coding. Glad I got him to help me out with this stuff.

Am SOOO lucky

Wednesday, June 14 2006

I am walking home from the tube station, listening to my music and generally minding my own business. About 3 dm / a foot in front of me a bird (I bet it was a fucking pigeon, I hate pigeons, they are rats with wings … they should be terminated … why not replace fox hunting with pigeon hunting) shits in front of me.

I stopped on the spot, screamed and looked down on my trousers


Nothing! No bird shit on me!! HOORY! How lucky was that?? One second more and this blog post would have had so many swear world it would have been blacklisted.

Be happy for the small things sometime.

Kill all pigeons!!

I am not very good with free hand 🙂


Monday, June 12 2006

I am slow paced with blogging at the moment.

The reason?

Am reading a very good (girly) book and I have only got the last 200 pages to go.

The only thing that gets me away from the book is when Big Brother is on TV.

My dislike for mummy boy Glyn is never ending. His insular way with Wales only attitude is offensive. Basically if the person he is speaking to can’t relate to Wales then he can’t connect with them and he had a right moan “Oh no not another person for London“. I can’t respect an boy (cos he aren’t a man) who takes his washing home to mommy and proudly sits on BB and boat that he is learning “Lives skill” on the show *tsk*

And oh – damn repulsed with disproportioned boobs of Lea & Susie.

Still a great show though

THE New Jersey cat

Saturday, June 10 2006

Let’s be polite and say that in New Jersey they have an attitude problem. With “they”, it would normally means people but after reading this story, it includes cats as well.

The New Jersey cat Jack chased a black bear up in a tree – now that is attitude. _41750334_bear203_ap.jpg